Americans don’t suck!!!

The Impeachment of Donald Trump

Joe Biden has been President now for 21 days now. In his address he spoke of unity, that we need to come together as one country, not as Republicans and Democrats, but as Americans. While I will admit to the fact that I did not vote for President Biden, I agree with him that we need to come together as a nation. As the Senate begins the impeachment process, it makes me wonder about how we got here as a nation. Who or what is at fault? When did we become a nation so bitterly divided? I look back to the days of my youth, the presidency of Ronald Reagan, were we this divided then? Go back further to the election of 1960. President Kennedy won that election with an Electoral college vote of 303-219. President Biden won by a very similar number of 306-232. So we have been a nation divided before, not all elections are landslides. While President Kennedy clearly had missteps and issues as President, he also had successes, like putting the country on the path to land a man on the moon and safely return him to earth.

I have had a theory and a thought for sometime now. I firmly believe that what separates Americans is far less than what ties us together. I believe that what we collectively want as Americans is about 90% the same…it’s the 10% the divides us. You can debate the percentages, but I would bet that any number is higher than 50/50. My thoughts on what binds us as to our wants…

  • A Safe Place to live and raise our families.
  • A home to live in.
  • A Good Job to be able to provide for ourselves and our families.
  • An ability to get a good education. Not only college but trade schools as well…news flash…College isn’t for everyone.
  • The ability to express our thoughts and ideas, without ridicule.
  • The ability to express ourselves, again without ridicule.
  • Great infrastructure
  • Medical care

I know that this list can clearly be longer, but this would be a great start.

Back to where did we go astray? Is it the fault of social media? I think that plays a part. Back in the day you had to face someone to be mean to them. You had to watch the human element of how your words could damage or hurt a person. We have lost some of that humanity with Social Media. We have so many keyboard warriors who do great damage with a few keystrokes. I have had the honor of serving as an elected official for almost 12 years now. I try my best to make decisions in the best interest of residents and taxpayers of Plainfield Township. I have some folks that I like to call “The Tony Fremarek Fan Club”, who apparently know me so well, know how I think, why I do things, etc…even though most of these “fans” have never spent a minute talking with me. Would these keyboard warriors say those same things to my face, perhaps, or perhaps not. Am I willing to talk with them and listen to concerns and opinions on issues important to them. Absolutely.

I worry that our children deal with this on a regular basis and have become either numb or jaded towards it. How many kids today are bullied on social media? I bet the numbers are higher than reported? The better question…how many adults are bullied on Social Media? How many of us are guilty of attacking others over a difference of opinions? We can have debate…but why does it need to be personal attacks? Why can’t we agree to disagree? With that said, I’m not sure how our leaders, many of them part of the Baby Boomer generation, have lost the ability to communicate and share ideas and opinions, without a winner take all mentality. Where is the art of compromise? In most business transactions, I tell my clients that in a deal everyone should feel a little anxiety after a deal is done…if both parties feel like they gave up on some issues, and won others, then that is the art of compromise. If one person got everything they wanted…then either they had low expectations, or the other party got screwed. What happened to the ability to debate the issues, and to genuinely listen to others? Trust me…I don’t see this as a Republican issue or a Democrat issue…I see this as an issue with Americans.

Where does this leave us? More thoughts for another day…but let me leave you with this. As we begin the impeachment process…one that has a forgone conclusion of acquittal, can’t our elected officials be doing something more constructive? Why? Because As Americans, we Don’t Suck!!!

A Fractional CFO Tuesday Update Planning in 2021

As many of you know, I run a business called A Fractional CFO. A Fractional CFO provides CFO services to Small and Midsize businesses. Think about it this way, we play in the space between a bookkeeper and the tax accountants. We help business owners with the business of running the business. I am certain that you know of one business owner who could benefit from our services. I provide a daily video update on my CFO blog that contains usually one or two things for owners to think about. Feel free to share this with them.

A Fractional CFO discusses Planning in 2021

Tony Fremarek discusses planning for 2021

My Monday Morning Minute

So I have started doing a quick video…around a minute on Mondays for my business clients.

Welcome to the World of Blogging, Super Bowl and Unbreakable Records

So… I’ve made the decision to start blogging. Why you may ask? Mostly as an outlet to share my thoughts with the world. Add my perspective on current events, and hopefully provide some humor and fun along the way.

While yesterday’s Super Bowl was not the shoot out that the “experts” predicted, it was still an interesting game to watch. Even though I am more of a baseball guy, the game within the game was great. The fact that Todd Bowles defensive scheme stopped the Chiefs cold was great to watch. I fully expected Andy Reid, another great coach, to make adjustments at the half to find a “way to win”. The MVP could have gone to the defense. Tom Brady was Tom Brady. He finds ways to win, he doesn’t make many mistakes. It was a typical Tom Brady workmanlike performance. Now I know all the Chief’s fans are still complaining about some of the questionable defensive penalty calls…but those aside, the Bucs still win. Those penalties did not stop the Chief’s offense.

Now that Tom Brady has 7 Super Bowl Rings…1 more than the entire Patriots and Steeler franchises, the question in my mind is has this become one of the “Unbreakable” sports records? When I think of the list of unbreakable records, a few stand out above the others.
• Cal Ripken 2,632 consecutive games played. With the changes in the game and the importance of rest days…this one is safe.
• Ricky Henderson 1,406 stolen bases. Yes guys are fast, but today’s pitchers get the ball to the plate faster, catchers are stronger, and with the big hitters of today, no one wants to run themselves out of an inning. Also safe.
• Boston Celtics 8 consecutive championships. Think about this one, 8 in a row. With the parity in today’s modern sports, and the movement of players…won’t happen again.
• Wayne Gretzky career points total of 2,857. The Great One. I’m done.
• Hack Wilson 191 RBI in one season. Even if you play every game in a season, you need to AVERAGE over 1.18 RBI per game.
• Cy Young 749 complete games. Hello…closers.
• Nolan Ryan 7 no hitters. Maybe…but again, with today’s hitters and video of pitchers, hard to replicate.

Enough of my musings for the day…what do you think? What records are unbreakable…I know I skipped many…but these are my top ones.

Happy Monday!!!